Learn how to master the performance exam with Bar None Review’s Performance Test MaximizerTM Program

Bar None Review’s Performance MaximizerTM Program provides students with the skills necessary to successfully handle the California Performance Test.

One of challenges of the Performance Test is time management. Examinees often fail the bar exam simply because they were unable to finish one or both of the performance tests. This portion of the exam not only requires you to write well, but to think fast on your feet and to produce what the examiners are looking for in a quick and highly efficient manner. This takes skill and practice. Having a plan of attack and knowing how to decipher and interpret the performance test instructions and how to become adept at navigating the library and case file are critical to your success.

The Performance Test MaximizerTM Program provides students with a unique system to tackle and pass any performance test. Our students learn our 8 step method, are taught the different types of performance tests, learn how to approach each type of performance test, how to effectively manage time, how to determine which issues should be discussed, how to organize and structure each performance test answer and how to format performance test answers.

The Performance Test MaximizerTM Program is available via video. For more information regarding this program, please contact our office at (213) 529-0990.