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All of our programs are provided online allowing students the flexibility of studying from home. We encourage our students to begin their studies for the bar exam as early as possible. Bar None Review offers flexible start dates and personalized study plans to meet the individual needs of our students. Our Personalized Study Plans (PSPs) are built around your availability, your strengths and weaknesses. We work with first time takers, repeat takers and attorney takers.

Most of our programs have flexible start dates. Be proactive and start your studies early. For more information or to schedule a free consultation with Lisa Duncanson, our course founder, and Bar Exam Guru, call us at (213) 529-0990.

On average, most repeat takers and attorney takers are working full time during bar prep. Often, first-time takers work part time or full time or have other responsibilities that cut into study time. Whatever your situation or availability, we develop a personalized study plan that takes into account your responsibilities outside of studying for the bar exam. We help you maximize your study time and tailor the program to your individual needs.

We offer several programs to fit your needs:

Each program can be purchased alone or bundled.

The Score Maximizer Program is our premier program and features unlimited exam grading, tutoring sessions, personalized study plans, prompt and detailed feed-back on essays and performance tests, stellar outlines that focus on what the California Bar Examiners test over and over again, our highly sought after “Bar Exam Templates Book”, and over 150 past California bar exam essays with answers. The Score Maximizer Program also includes all Bar Exam Cram Sessions for the bar exam round you are enrolled and the Performance Test Maximizer Program. General bar exam takers (those who are taking both the written portion and the MBE portion of the bar exam) receive our tried-and-true MBE approach and study plan to insure you are scoring what you need to pass the MBE section.

Prior to each Bar Exam, we offer free “How to Pass the California Bar Exam” Workshops. To see dates and to register for our upcoming free workshops, click here.

The Bar Exam Cram Session
We offer two Bar Exam Cram Sessions each bar round. Students benefit by taking one or both sessions. Taking both sessions allows students to dove tail their studies by using the first session to jumpstart their studies and then, attending the second session, to pull everything together a few weeks before the bar exam. Students enrolled in the Score Maximizer Program, are automatically enrolled in both Bar Exam Cram Sessions. Writing Maximizer students are given access to either the first or second session. All enrolled students receive the Bar Exam Guru’s detailed bar exam predictions. The Guru’s prediction accuracy is 5 out of 5 essays for past six bar rounds. For more information, and to sign up for the Bar Exam Cram Session, click here.


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Law School Excel Program

Bar None Review’s Excel program prepares law students to not only survive the rigors of law school, but teaches the skills necessary to achieve the highest grades. Many of our Excel students boast Witkin Awards and credit the Excel program for helping them land academic scholarships and placement on law review. For more information and upcoming excel review dates, contact our office.