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Due to Covid19, we are holding only one Bar Exam Cram Session for the February 2021 Bar Exam. We always encourage our students to begin their studies for the bar exam as early as possible. If you register now, you will receive your materials early, secure your spot and be the first to gain access to the Bar Exam Guru’s bar exam predictions. For more information, and to secure your spot in our next Bar Exam Cram Session, click here!

Start Your Studies Now! We always encourage our students to begin their studies for the bar exam as early as possible.  With Bar None Review, students receive personalized study plans (PSPs) that are specifically tailored to your individual needs. There are three programs available: 1) The Score Maximizer Program, 2) The Writing Maximizer Program and 3) The Performance Maximizer Program. The Score Maximizer is our premier program and features unlimited exam grading, tutoring, personalized study plans, our highly sought after “Bar Exam Templates Book,” over 150 past California bar exam essays with answers, and much, much more.

Home Study Due to Covid19, all programs are available online. Our home study programs are highly effective and enable our working students the flexibility needed to succeed and study at their own pace.  Students are provided their own private login to our learning site.  Students are able to upload their practice exams to their own private web space.  Once graded, your exam is uploaded for you and you will see your feedback in color and can access the site 24 hours a day.  We are available by phone, email and text. All Score Maximizer and Writing Maximizer students receive our founder’s cell phone number and have daily access to their tutor.  Our exam feedback is extensive.

Performance Test Maximizer ProgramTM  The Performance Test MaximizerTM Program is included in the Score Maximizer Program (our most comprehensive and personalized program). We also make the Performance Test Maximizer Program available as a stand-alone program for students who need to fine tune their Performance Test exams.


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Law School Excel Program

Bar None Review’s Excel program prepares law students to not only survive the rigors of law school, but teaches the skills necessary to achieve the highest grades. Many of our Excel students boast Witkin Awards and credit the Excel program for helping them land academic scholarships and placement on law review. For more information and upcoming excel review dates, contact our office.