Bar Exam Cram Sessions for the July 2022 Bar Exam will be held on:

Saturday, June 4, 2022 Bar Exam Cram SessionTM

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Upcoming Bar Exam Sessions to be announced.

Bar Exam Cram SessionTM

The Bar Exam Cram Session is an in-depth one-day course that condenses lengthy bar tested subjects into practical and logical approaches. These approaches consist of concise test language, proven strategies for correct issue spotting, and other exam taking techniques.

This course is NOT simply a condensed substantive review.  The Bar Exam Cram Session provides students with a METHOD based on historical data, which is constantly perfected and updated by The Bar Exam Guru and her decades of experience.

The Bar Exam Cram Session will teach you to think differently and understand what the California Bar Examiners want from you.  Learn to successfully tackle the California Bar Exam; not fear it.  This course will help you identify and understand how topics and issues are tested; how to structure your essays; and what is required for passing answers.  Give yourself the tools to successfully write for the California Bar Exam.

In addition to the Cram Session, you will also receive the following:

  • 10 Day Study Plan for the last 10 days leading up to the bar exam;
  • The Bar Exam Guru’s detailed Predictions;
  • 18 to 22 Selected Essays and Answers reflecting the predicted essay scenarios;
  • An additional 10 to 20 Essays and Answers to further hone your issue spotting skills and written analysis
  • The coveted Bar Exam Cram Sheets;
  • Our Digging Deeper into the Bar Exam Email Series; and
  • Emailed Tips and Sample Essays with Answers throughout your study period

For repeat examinees it is often clear within the first thirty minutes of class why they have failed previous exams. First time examinees can avoid multiple bar exam takes by adopting the methods taught in this session.

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Remember What Is So Unique About The Bar Exam Cram SessionTM

It isn’t just a condensed substantive review – it is a METHOD.

With high pass rates bar round after bar round, it is clear that the Bar Exam Cram SessionTM works. Our students range from first time takers, repeat bar takers as well as attorney takers. So why does it work with students from such a diverse back ground and diverse set of needs? Because our method provides students with an approach to each essay and MBE tested topic. Having approaches to each subject is critical for success on both the essays and the MBEs. The methods taught in the Bar Exam Cram SessionTM provide students with the tools to successfully write any essay tested topic.

We provide extensive follow up after the one day session and the Guru’s Predictions.

The Bar Exam Guru provides our students with regular emails that include her insights into the bar exam as well as essays for review and writing practice. Each bar round these emails are tailored to what was most recently tested and what has not been tested recently on the exam. The odds are that you will ( just like our past students) see essays on the exam that are similar to what we sent out.

A study plan for the last ten days of study.

Students receive a ten day study plan to utilized during the final (and most critical) ten days leading up to the bar exam. We will help you adapt our study plan to your schedule whether you are an attorney taker, someone who is studying full time, or someone who is working full time and can only study on nights and on weekends. We make sure you have a plan to make those final days count!

“I believe that your Cram SessionTM and, in particular, the crucial guidance you gave for the last two weeks of study, made the difference and enabled me to pass on my first try.” – Bryan Cunningham, Esq.

Why should you attend a Bar Exam Cram SessionTM?

It builds confidence.

Confidence is a huge part of success on the bar exam. Bar Exam Cram SessionTM attendees learn how to make sense of it all, how to approach each essay with confidence and ease. Our subject drills develop confidence and provide our students with an “at their finger tips” kind of approach to the exam.

You should know what to write BEFORE you get to the bar exam.

Not sure what to write? Not sure how to start your essay answer? Our students leave the Bar Exam Cram SessionsTM knowing how to approach each essay topic. For example, Bar Exam Cram SessionTM attendees learn how to write a defamation exam answer, a products liability exam answer, how to approach a murder exam, and how to approach cross-over exams.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

The bar examiners want it the way they want it. They do not suddenly change what is required for a passing or better than passing essay on easements, for example. The approach for a passing products liability essay or criminal procedure essay does not change drastically (or even slightly) from one bar round to the next. The bar examiners are truly testing the same thing over and over again. Passing the bar relies on the same information and skill set every bar round. We know what that skill set is and we know how to pass it on to you.

**All Bar Exam Cram SessionTM dates are subject to change**

While Bar Exam Cram SessionTM date changes are rare, class sessions are subject to change. Registered students will be provided as much notice as possible of any class date change.

“I am so excited to share with you and your staff the great news: I passed the February bar exam! I wasn’t sure what you could offer that two previous bar prep companies had not offered. However, without exaggeration, your weekend Cram SessionTM delivered every stated goal! I will emphatically refer anyone taking the bar exam to you.” – Nolan Hiett, Esq.