About Bar None Review: Our Philosophy

You do not need to be placated and made to feel good. Passing bar exam results will make you feel just fine. Until then, it is our job to be honest with you about your writing and honest about what you need to do.

We are proud that our students claim that it is during our course that they understood for first time how to write a particular topic.

“I have always been afraid of getting a products liability essay, now I know that if I get one I will be able to handle it.”

We hear comments like this all of the time about every topic. We are pleased because it means that we are doing our job. If you could go into the bar exam feeling like whatever came your way you could handle it, you would be able to perform at your best. That should be your goal. It is our goal for you – to be prepared to write each topic, no matter what the examiners throw your way.

Our program is designed to prepare you to write every subject. Not just torts, but specifically how to write a defamation exam, how to write a products liability exam, how to write a negligence exam, how to write a tort remedies exam or how to write a torts cross over exam. Our Bar Exam Writing Templates Book is a key component of this approach. Our philosophy is that instead of being afraid of what the examiners throw at you, be prepared for anything. There are a finite number of essay exams that can come your way. And, you will see that the same fact patterns are repeated over and over again. Bar None Review prepares you for these examination possibilities so that when the time comes you are ready.

You should not see anything on the bar exam that you have not already seen before. We provide our students with over 200 past bar exam essays and answers. As a result you are able to see several products liability exams and several Commerce Clause exams or several easement exams. Once you do, you see that each one is really just a rehash of the preceding exam. In our students’ view, this repetition is a comfort.

Mentoring and Support

Our goal is to get you through the bar exam. Whether you are taking the bar exam for the first time or you are a repeat taker, our goal is to make this next bar exam your last. We have worked with many students who prior to coming to Bar None Review had taken the bar exam numerous times. It has been our tremendous pleasure to not only help these students make the improvement that for years evaded them, but to be the bar review program that finally saw them through the bar exam. We are also proud that we successfully prepare first time bar exam takers as well and spare them from years of unnecessary frustration.

Our Competitor’s “Grading”

At Bar None Review we do not believe that a numbered score and two or three comments is in any way sufficient to teach students what they need to do to improve their essay scores. We see no value in this approach. Instead, Bar None Review students receive detailed comments that indicate both what is good about the essay and what is poor. We do not pull any punches – if the essay exam is terrible, then we let you know. But, more importantly, we teach you what you need to do to improve.

Immediate and Meaningful Exam Writing Feedback

Many courses will tell you that your essay is not up to standard, but few courses will provide feedback that teaches the student how to fix their exam answer.

Bar None Review provides meaningful and detailed feedback on essay and performance exams so that students make quick progress. We pride ourselves on maintaining the quickest turn around time on our exams. Our competition often takes weeks to return an essay. We feel this is useless to a student studying for the bar exam. At Bar None Review the typical turn around time for an essay exam is two to three days. In many cases, students will receive their graded essay exam in 24 hours. This is a critical feature of our review program.

Students tell us the quick turn around and detailed feedback they receive is crucial to their success.

Essay Exam Writing Templates

Bar None Review provides exam writing templates for every tested topic. We think that if you take a look at a sample bar exam writing template that the value of these templates will be obvious. The Bar Exam Writing Templates are invaluable because there is an order in which most issues should be analyzed on a given essay exam. This order varies from topic to topic. In addition, there is also appropriate test language that you should use. This test language and order does not change from one bar exam to the next. Click here for samples of the Bar Exam Writing Templates

Our Exam Writing Templates provide you with the test language you need in the most likely order that you will need to present it. In addition, these templates will help to ensure that you do not miss issues because the issues are generated by the approach of the particular template. For example, the Fourth Amendment Bar Exam Writing Template groups certain exceptions to the warrant requirement together because if you have one present then you most likely have other exceptions that are at issue. For example, if you see Search Incident to an Arrest you may very well be correct. But most students fail to see that in the same fact pattern they should have discussed Wing Span, Moving Wing Span, Protective Sweep (even if no protective sweep was actually conducted) and Plain View. As a result, many students see one of the issues but miss two to four other issues that while may not have been the major one, are critical because they indicate a complete understanding and not just a cursory one.

Any course can provide you with a substantive outline. We provide our students with excellent course outlines. But our Bar Exam Writing Templates provide much more than a course outline. The Templates provide a specific step-by-step approach for each topic and provide test language instead of lengthy, convoluted definitions that you then have to put into your own words.