Score Maximizer ProgramTM

Our Score MaximizerTM students enjoy high success rates and are taught a proven method for passing the California bar exam. The Score MaximizerTM Program is designed for both first time and repeat bar takers.

How is the Score MaximizerTM Program different from other programs?

The main reason examinees fail the California bar exam is because they have not been taught how to take the test. Our course materials focus not only on the substantive law, but on teaching our students how to actually take the test. Passing the California bar exam requires far more than simply learning and memorizing the substantive law. To insure success, you need to know how to write for the California bar examiners, and how to truly master the MBE portion. There are real techniques required for each section of the California bar exam. Our Bar Exam Writing Template Book provides students with approaches and test language for the most heavily tested areas on the California bar exam. A thorough review of these templates provides students with both the correct exam language and a step-by-step approach to the California essays. At Bar None Review, we specialize in teaching these passing techniques. Students who participate in the Score MaximizerTM Program receive not only receive the highly sought after Bar Exam Writing Templates, but also receive access to our online campus with videos from our Bar Exam Cram Sessions and Score Maximizer Writing Workshops giving you the best opportunity to make this next bar round your last.

“The Score MaximizerTM Program is excellent! I was able to significantly improve on my multi-states as well as my essay performance. If you are willing to put in the work, Bar None Review will show you how to get where you need to go.” – Ben Wishart, Esq.


Exam Writing Workshops and Cram Session Videos

Score Maximizer students receive access to our entire video library. These include selected Bar Exam Cram Session subject coverage and Score Maximizer Essay Workshops. You can watch these videos as many times as you like at any time of the day or night. Bar Exam Cram Session videos are condensed subject matter videos that track along with our Bar Exam Cram Sheets Book. Our Score Maximizer Exam Writing workshops (utilizing the Bar Exam Writing Template Book) provide guided exposure to past bar exam essays, teach students how to approach topics based upon what the bar examiners have embraced and teach students how to write effectively for the California Bar Examiners.

The Score MaximizerTM Program includes:

  • The Bar Exam Writing Template BookTM (our highly sought after approach book – see examples of our templates here)
  • Two Volume, California Essay MaximizerTM Books (contains over 100 past California bar essays with answers)
  • The Bar Exam Cram SheetsTM
  • Course Outlines for all bar tested topics
  • MBE Techniques and Strategies*
  • Bar Exam Cram SessionsTM
  • Early access to the Bar Exam Guru’s predictions
  • Access to Score Maximizer Essay Writing Workshop videos
  • Access to selected Bar Exam Cram Session Videos

What if I am a first time bar taker?

If you are a first time bar examinee, taking the Score MaximizerTM Program is one of the best ways to insure that you will only take the bar exam once. The problem with some of the options offered by competitors is that the programs are typically one size, fits all. The California bar exam is one of the hardest in the nation. Our students enjoy high pass rates because our program is tailored to the specific rigors of the California bar.

What works for one state (in terms of bar prep) simply does not generally translate to passing in California. At Bar None Review, we have specialized in preparing examinees for the California bar exam since 1999. This is why Bar None Review has been chosen by top law firms throughout the country to prepare their new hires and associates for the California bar exam.

What if I am repeating the bar exam?

The Score MaximizerTM Program is ideal for repeat bar examinees because all instruction is on demand. You can study and watch the Score Maximizer Workshops form the comfort of your home or office at any time.